Project management

All of our projects are managed in accordance with the principle liability of PRINCE II methodology. Therefore we have acquired the certificate for the usage of the PRINCE II methodology. The work process of every project starts only when we see that all of the involved parties seek a win-win situation. Our principle is the optimization of the project and the work processes in order to achieve the goals effectively.


Before you start to prepare a project it is important that:

- the project is in accordance with policy, the company’s strategy and the environment
- you have secured financial resources for the project
- the project demonstrates a long-term effect, which has been proven in the investment documentation
- you have defined the work schedule exactly, when does a task start and end, and the interdependence of individual tasks
- you have defined the responsibilities of each task force member exactly


Our duty is:

- to examine the current situation and estimate the right direction to attain the set objectives
- to prepare the basic main file for the whole project with a action plan and time schedule
- to prepare multiple technical, economical and legal organizational scenarios
- to prepare a risk log with an analysis, management and changes of the plan
- to prepare the project implementing plan in accordance with the Product Based Planning technology
- to prepare a standard work process for the whole project
- to help with the quality supervision
- to prepare interim reports and final reports


We assure our customers a quality realization and help with the realization of the project with a systematic and integrated approach.