Application for tenders

We have professionally been involved in the acquisition of grants for 7 years. We are preparing applications for tenders from the structural and cohesion funds and other financial mechanisms for acquiring grants for companies, municipalities, institutions and other organizations. Our solutions are key solutions. We search for the adequate tender for your project, prepare the project documentation in collaboration with you, ensure that the documentation is send in time and in a proper way, assure a timely signing of the contracts, prepare interim reports, final reports, assure the communication with the implementing agency or line ministry, prepare decisions and explanations, advise you with the bookkeeping for the purpose of the tender and inform you about the project in accordance with EU guidelines, if it has been co-financed by the EU.


The fields of project applications in which we have great experience and high efficiency is based on investments into:

- sport and tourist infrastructure
- municipal utilities
- natural and cultural heritage
- ecology
- high-technology equipment and machinery
- researches and development
- tourism programs
- education


Our most frequent applications for tenders include the:

- Slovene Enterprise Fund
- Ministry of the Economy
- Ministry of Education and Sport
- Slovenian Technology Agency (TIA)
- Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI)
- Agency of the Republic Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development
- Government Office – cross border projects Goal 3, Regional Development Programme