Radix participates in a consortium with the Institute for the development and improvement of the infrastructure and social environment (Zavod Riso), the design engineering company Team-Depisch GmbH, the financial institution ECP GmbH and scientific research institutions and universities. We have a wide range of knowledge and experience in different fields: tourism, preservation of natural and cultural heritage, economic and social development, environmental protection, waste water engineering, water distribution system engineering, road and tunnel engineering, disposal facility engineering …


Current consultancy fields:

- optimization of business and work processes
- project engineering and establishment of more complex new technological lines
- optimization of financing and investments
- acquisition of new business partners
- marketing promotion in the market and entry into foreign markets
- purchase or takeover of new businesses
- expansion of a new production or service branch
- PPP model public-private partnership


We are advisers of the Ministry of the Economy in the fields:

- finances and investments
- joint ventures
- management and administration of companies